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Britain; 367-664 is at the publisher and should be available in August.  I’ll continue publishing chapters for the next few books and any errors you may find I will make use of when the manuscript is sent back to me.

Now, I have no immediate plans to write something as massive as that any time soon, but I have already gotten the unofficial go-ahead to write another book.  It will be a series of loosely connected essays on topics in post-Roman Britain, sort of like my usual post only more fully researched and with footnotes.  And since you are the people most interested in Arthuriana I thought I would ask if there was something you would like to see.  So far this is what I have, divided loosely by subjects.  It should come to a little more than 100 pages.


-Arthur and Nationalism

-Did Arthur Exist?  Where and When?

-What does Dux Brittanorum mean?

-Sword and the Stone

-The Story behind the Abduction

-The Story behind Owain’s Adventure


-Badon’s Importance, date, and placement


-The 12 Battles

-Battle Sizes


-What is the grail?


Knights of the Round Table

-Members of his war-band; historical and literary



-Cei, the Grumbler

-So how many knights did he have at one time?

-What was the Round Table?

-Gawain’s Brothers

-The Round Table at Winchester



-Lancelot’s Kin






-Peasant-Warrior ratios













-The Dragon



-Grail Castle

-Who were the Picts?

-Who were the Anglo-Saxons?


-What was Logres?


-How did the legends become romances?

-The story of Marie de Champagne

-The Story of Chretien de Troyes

-The story of Philip of Flanders

-Geoffrey of Monmouth