Flint F. Johnson is a 1999 Ph.D. graduate of the University of Glasgow.  His thesis, The British Sources of the Abduction and Grail Stories, delved into British history, Germanic, Irish, and Welsh law and mythology, and the literatures of Wales, England, France, and Germany.  He has published an updated version of the paper with McFarland’s in 2012.  He is currently publishing a monograph on the historicity of Arthur and another book on the relative and absolute chronology of post-Roman Britain.  His other interests include prehistoric cultures and the Greek and Norse Heroic Ages.

In his spare time he practices Kempo-Goju, runs, swims, and enjoys time with his cat.  Svipdag is a tuna and catnip addict.  He also likes anything that makes noise and enjoys interior decorating in his spare time.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have just discovered your blog and am intrigued by your subject. I imagine your information finds a revered place in the hearts of we who love the Arthurian age. I am looking forward to reading your articles.

  2. I am delighted you like what I’ve been doing. If you have any requests please let me know. Another person has requested something a little more mythological so that is the plan for a bit (that is, until I get a few more Arthurian requests).

  3. I loved this and I reblogged it. Wonderful to get a piece of the mystery answered but also great to have a bit more of the mystery remaining. Enough, at least, to keep my hungry for more! I’ve been in love with mythology since I first read a book of Arthurian legends when I was 8 and followed it up with Bullfinch the following year. I’ve been reading everything mythological since … and now, there is you.

  4. Oops. I’m on the wrong page!

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